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"California On The Hill"

Second Paper Assignment

Legislative Strategy Development for a Federal Policy Issue


Announced on:            February 15, 2006

Topic selected by:       February 22, 2006

Paper due on:              March 9, 2006


The second memo/paper is once again a short (five pages) description of a policy proposal on some issue area related to California that is controlled or funded by the federal government.

For this assignment, you will need to:

1.  Consider federal policy topics (Tim will discuss some ideas on 2/15)

2.  Select a topic and inform Tim ( )

3.  Conduct research on that topic and its legislative/political environment

4.  Construct an advocacy plan for pursuing legislation

5.  Present the plan as a short memo


The advocacy plan should identify who the key players are, what their positions are likely to be on this issue, and how you would sell this to them.  Look at both the California delegation members and Congress overall.  Be brief – don’t overlook important factors, but get to the point quickly.  Sometimes, it’s helpful to open with an “abstract” paragraph that summarizes all your points   Once again, we plan to bring in some pros to assess the quality of your work from a real world perspective.  You may work on this with a partner, but the expectation of the paper size and research will go up accordingly.

Feel free to discuss topics with Tim, on the 2nd floor (#213), at 785-5454, or .