California Capitol Hill Bulletins

The California Institute publishes its California Capitol Hill Bulletin on Friday mornings when Congress is in session and occasionally during other periods. The Bulletin contains information regarding federal policies affecting California; it is distributed via e-mail and fax.

To subscribe to our email newsletter, visit this link.  Alternatively, you may contact the California Institute at 202/974-6384 or send email to  (Subscribe to notices of upcoming events by following the same procedure.)  To receive our Bulletins or notices via fax instead of email, call or email us.

Emailed Bulletins are available in html (default) or plain text format.  The online bulletins that are linked below are available either in html or pdf format.  All our Bulletins are searchable.

Our Latest Bulletin
2008 (110th Congress, 2nd session)
2007 (110th Congress, 1st session)
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2005-2006 (109th Congress)
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2003-2004 (108th Congress)
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2001-2002 (107th Congress)
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1999-2000 (106th Congress)
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1997-1998 (105th Congress)
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1995-1996 (104th Congress)
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